Donna Allen


Phyllis's arbor-1

“Phyllis’ Arbor”

Donna Allen | Artwork

The natural beauty around her has captivated Donna Allen all her life. At age five she was given a camera, and since then has been capturing the beauty she sees with the hope of sharing it with others. Her photography has won many professional awards and has also been published nationally.

She painted in oils for many years, and in the past few years has been finding a great deal of pleasure in the mediums of watercolor and pastels. She also finds great enjoyment in doing portraits of dogs several mediums. She resides in Fitzwilliam, NH with her husband and her four dogs.

About the Artwork

Through the years I have come to realize how crucial having the beauty of the natural world to enjoy and rejuvenate me is to my quality of life. As an artist and photographer I am constantly trying to interpret my emotions on some form of paper, often with the hope of sharing with others. Every moment has it’s own special atmosphere, many bringing the desire to preserve it to be enjoyed at a later time.
My photography inspires many of my paintings and by painting I feel I am able to see more in the subjects I photograph.