LMA Earthday Birthday 2012

LMA 2012


The Lone Mountain Artists

Founded by six New Hampshire artists Donna Allen, Evelien Bachrach-Seeger, Carole-Anne Centre, Diane Gibbons, Gundy Khouw and Martine Villalard-Bohnsack,  The Lone Mountain Artists grew from the camaraderie developed in the challenging and inspirational watercolor classes taught by Evelien Bachrach-Seeger at the Sharon Arts Center. Wanting to spend more time creating art and expanding artistic horizons, a few of her students decided to pursue their training at Evelien’s studio and later, at the Harris Center for Conservation Education. The bond and commitment strengthened and in the spring of 2007 The Lone Mountain Artists was formed.

In 2009, Maria “Mia” Mead, an accomplished artist and art instructor, was welcomed into the group. She shares her talent, inspiration and guidance with all the members.

Lone Mountain Artists added 4 more gifted artists in 2012: Judy Badot, Phyllis Clark, Toni Garland and Rita Klug. During our weekly painting sessions they demonstrated an enthusiastic desire to explore their artistic passions, exchange ideas, techniques, show support and encouragement to the group and celebrate friendships.

We share the following goals:

  • to continue to learn, motivate and inspire one another as we work together
  • to support each other in creating and exhibiting our art
  • to contribute to our communities

Working in a variety of media, we capture our own unique interpretation of different aspects of the New England landscape, with a particular emphasis on the Mount Monadnock region. Through our exhibits, we hope to promote awareness and appreciation of the beauty and vulnerability of the natural world we live in.