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Experimental work with gunpowder & watercolor


#2 Awakening the Dreamer

Awakening the Dreamer

'' Moon Behind the Veil'' Watercolor & Gunpowder, 15''h x 20''w

Moon Behind the Veil

#5 ''Endless Space'' gunpowder and watercolor, H 20'' x W 28'', by C.A.Centre

Endless Space

Big, Bang, BOOM 28W x 18H Gunpowder & Watercolor

Big, Bang, BOOM!

Nest Affair 18W x 14H

Nest Affair

#7 Nest in Seclusion

Nest in Seclusion

''Tide Pool Journey'', Watercolor & Gunpowder, 29''W x 15''H

Tide Pool Journey

''Once in a Blue Moon'' Gunpowder & Watercolor 14''w x 15 ''h

Once in a Blue Moon

''Beyond the Birches'', gunpowder and watercolor, H 8'' x W 10'', by C.A.Centre

Beyond the Birches

''White Bird Bliss'', gunpowder and graphite,H 9'' x W 10'' C.A.Centre

White Bird Bliss

#4 Contemplating the Man in the Moon by C.A.Centre. watercolor & gunpowder

Contemplating the Man in the Moon

''Wondering Monhegan's Pebble Beach'',H 9'' x W11'', gunpowder and watercolor by C.A.Centre

Monhegan Island Pebble Beach

#10a ''Lost Nest'' by C.A.Centre, watercolor & Gunpowder 011

Lost Nest

#8. Nest Unrest

Nest Unrest

Pen and Ink

Nest Series #8 H 10 x W8 Pen & Ink

Nest Series #1

C.A.Centre Nest Series 6

Nest Series #2

C.A.Centre Nest Series 2

Nest Series #3

C.A.Centre Nest Series 1

Nest Series #4

Cottontail Peeking by C.A.Centre

Cottontail Peeking

#27. Crow Study

Crow Alert~ Pen, Ink & W/C


#24. Koi Fish Dancing

Dance of the Koi Fish

#25. Leaping Frog

Leaping Frog

#17. ''Hope Entwined'' by C.A.Centre 24''w x 19''h

Nest Entwined

Watercolor of Rosaly's Garden

My Sisters Garden

Morning Mist by C.A. Centre

Morning Mist

Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain

#19. Monhegan Light

Monhegan Light

#19. Odoms Fish House

Odom Fish House

#17. Fish Beach Study

Fish Beach Study

View of Manana Is. from Monhegan Is

View of Manana Is. from Monhegan

Flower Burst Bouquet

Flower Burst Bouquet

Path to the Mountain by C.A.Centre

Twilight Time

#22a Romancing the Birches

Romancing the Birches

Twilight Descending by C.A.Centre

Valley  View

#34 orchid study

Orchid Study #1

#33 orchid study

Orchid Study #2

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