Donna Allen

I have always loved nature, and since being given a camera at age five have attempted to record much of the beauty I see around me. Photography has always been the most compelling medium for me and has provided me with inspiration for many of my paintings.

Although I now work in Pastel, watercolor, and pen and ink, I began painting in oil as a youngster. I have also experimented with Alcohol ink and mixed media. I find that many subjects ask to be done in a particular medium, and it is wonderful that we have such a wide choice of various ways to express our own vision.

After taking a two year course in studio and photo lab work I ran my own photography business for many years. During that time I achieved numerous awards in professional organizations and also had my work published nationally. Now I am fortunate to be able to spend my time and energy doing artistic photography, and painting. With the digital age upon us the options are limitless. From doing acetone transfer prints to working in the many programs available to alter photographs on the computer the possibilities are endless.

Along with the fascinating subjects in nature I enjoy doing portraits of dogs in pastel or pen and ink. They are such interesting beings, and you can see so much in their expressions.

I have lived in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire with my husband and three dogs for over thirty years. Before that I was fortunate to be able to live near the mountains in southern Germany and Washington State.

On many weekends you can find me at Agility Trials with my three dogs.

About the Artwork

Through the years I have come to realize how crucial having the beauty of the natural world to enjoy and rejuvenate me is to my quality of life. As an artist and photographer I am constantly trying to interpret my emotions on some form of paper, often with the hope of sharing with others. Every moment has it’s own special atmosphere, many bringing the desire to preserve it to be enjoyed at a later time.
My photography inspires many of my paintings and by painting I feel I am able to see more in the subjects I photograph.