Toni Garland

Toni’s Artwork

Toni Garland grew up in Mount Vernon, N.Y. While in college, she married her 7th grade classmate. Upon graduating from college she and her husband taught in two different Eskimo villages in Alaska. The warmth and love in those communities inspired them to establish a private school in NH based on these qualities. In 1967 they started “The Well School” with the help of family and friends. Thirty-five years later they retired to the West to write and paint. Painting became a priority with Toni, looking for joy in color using oils on canvas.  Landscapes and portraits have intrigued her ever since. She has studied watercolor with Mia Mead who introduced her to a new passion. Under Mia’s tutelage, the use of watercolor has been incredibly absorbing: “ I love to paint!”

Her paintings can be seen in The Studio Space and A-Space galleries in Silver City, New Mexico.